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Language Acquisition

Does anyone know of a good language acquisition program and homework helper websites in Mexico?

I want to learn Spanish quickly and think an immersion program will work best. I've tried a cd program, but I want something interactive which will force me to learn.

What happens to the language acquisition device after the critical period of learning?

If there is a language acquisition device in the human brain, why is there a critical period for learning a language? What happens to the LAD after the age of 6? Why don't we remain able to easily acquire language?

Can you suggest a research title for research in native language interference in second language acquisition?


What is your opinion on foreign language acquisition?

What is your opinion on foreign language acquisition in general and the meaning of the whole world learning English . I need this for some research paper. Thanks . Do not waste your time, serious answers onlyThose who have not learnt a foreign language nor heard of providing final definitions used in university papers just refrain from things that are completely out your range.

"What is the role of personality in second language acquisition?"?

I need help with my second language acquisition class...would someone be willing to be interviewed? My final project in my Second Language Acquisition class is to conduct an interview with someone who is from a different country about their schooling there and write a 5 10 page paper about it. They have given us a week to do this assignment...and the week is up on Saturday the 26th. The criteria is this The person must be in one of these ethnic groups... Native American or American Indian, Asian American Indian, Muslims, Followers of Islam, and Speakers of Arabic, Haitian, Hispanics, Latinos as, and Spanish Speakers. The person has to have gone to elementary and secondary school in their native country although I'm not gonna be all that picky about it . If I don't get this interview done I fail the class and that will be a disaster. It will move my graduation date back another semester and interfere with my student get the idea. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me? The interview is not all that long, can be done through email, and consists of pretty easy questions. Please email me as soon as possible if you are willing to help.


Please give me a complete discussion of the approaches to first language acquisition. thank you.? a complete discussion of it, please. thank you

Is there any evidence of a language acquisition device LAD in animals?

Why is knowledge of the prin. & theories of language acquisition necessary for effective 2nd language teaching

Why is vocabulary development so important in language acquisition?

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