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Talkies Community Cinema Presents

Battleship Potemkin - With Live Church Organ

Saturday 21 October, 7.30pm

Christ Church, Southgate Green

Adult £9, Under 14s £6

Amongst the greatest films of all time! One not to miss - with live organ music from Dave Hinitt and Adam Dickson.
When they are fed rancid meat, the sailors on the Potemkin, led by Vakulinchuk, revolt against their harsh conditions. Vakulinchuk is killed and the people of Odessa honour him as a symbol of revolution. Tsarist soldiers arrive to suppress the uprising and a squadron of ships is sent to deal with the Potemkin, but the sailors side with the revolt and refuse to attack. Cert PG
For more info or to buy tickets visit the Talkies website.

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