Enfield Town Crossing - Hasan Bölücek

Hasan Bölücek's design for the crossing in Entield Town is inspired by his Alevi cultural heritage

"We Alevis believe that, life is formed from four elements. Air; (purple), fire (orange), water (blue) and earth (green). Those colours on the design representing this. Pigeon or dove is holy in our culture as well (like many other cultures and beliefs.) Represents peace and freedom, which we all needed in this unusual Corona days..:) In Enfield we are living all together with this elements and symbols and especially these days everybody need to go out of the boxes.. Which represented by purple pigeon on the upper right corner."

Hasan BölücekHasan Bölücek

Hasan Bölücek is a member of the British Alevi community. He is a visual artist, art teacher, illustrator and mural artist born in Ankara, Turkey. He has lived and worked in London since 2008. From 2004 to 2008 he studied Fine Art and trained as an Arts & Crafts Teacher in the Fine Art Department of the Education Faculty of Gazi University, Turkey.

After moving to London, Bölücek studied creative media production, heralding his arrival and exploration of his new home with a series of paintings of London landmarks. He finished his Ma in Illustration and Book Arts in Cambridge School of Art. He is currently illustrating children’s books and teaching art in variety of age groups in British Alevi Federation.